"Empirical research with emphasis on industrial organization, public policy, and applied econometrics. "

My Ph.D. Dissertation: "Applications of Structural Demand Estimation to the Smartphone and Electric Automobile Industries"


"Establish great rapport, use humor and stories, push for effort, and talk about the future."


Northeastern Universiy

Northeastern Universiy

University at Albany, SUNY

Ph.D. in Industrial Organization

M.S. in Applied Economics

B.S. in Economics and Mathematics

About Richeng

Ryan is a highly competent economist with many years of experience gathering, cleaning, and organizing data to develop empirical economic models. Advanced understanding of statistical, algebraic, and other analytical techniques. Highly organized, motivated and diligent with significant background in Economics and Econometric. Ability to use statistics and econometric techniques for finding complex data patterns that drive meaningful impact on the business.