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As an economist and data scientist, my research fuses empirical economic modeling with AI and data science to explore market dynamics and consumer behavior in the digital economy. My work ranges from analyzing Airbnb’s pricing strategies using advanced data analysis to integrating machine learning for enhanced demand estimation models. Future projects include developing AI pricing agents for more realistic market simulations. My goal is to provide deep insights into how technology reshapes economic landscapes, valuable for academia and industry. For a detailed overview of my research interests and methodologies, please visit [Full Research Statement]. 


Northeastern Universiy       Ph.D. in Industrial Organization

University at Albany, SUNY        B.S. in Economics and Mathematics

About Me

Welcome to the professional profile of Richeng Piao, an economist, data analyst, and AI enthusiast with a rich background in empirical research and data analysis, focused on the intersection of technology and economics. My journey combines rigorous data-driven research with a passion for teaching, where I convey complex economic theories in an accessible manner. My expertise in statistical and algebraic techniques informs my development of sophisticated economic models. Currently, I’m researching Airbnb’s pricing strategies and their market implications, reflecting my interest in AI’s impact on economics. Additionally, my academic role involves educating the next generation, blending research insights with classroom learning. My goal is to deepen our understanding of economic phenomena in the digital age and contribute to a more informed and efficient market.